I'm Adine Vikash, 18 y/o, Community Manager at Mysterium Network, Co-Founder of Greentreeteam.

About Me

About Me

Hey there! I'm Adine Vikash, a 18-year-old tech enthusiast with a strong passion for blockchain. As the Community Manager at Mysterium Network, I provide support and moderation to ensure a thriving and vibrant space for all.

My journey involves exploring the world of technology, with a particular emphasis on front-end development. I'm passionate about contributing to community growth. In the past, I co-founded Greentreeteam, where our focus was on creative and innovative projects within the open-source space.

Beyond my role as a Community Manager at Mysterium Network, I have hands-on experience with Cloud Services, managing locally hosted infrastructure. My tech skills match my dedication to helping the community grow. Whether I'm learning about blockchain or finding creative solutions, I love pushing the limits in the tech world.

If you'd like to connect or have questions, feel free to reach out on social media:


Otherwise, drop me an email by clicking here 😊